Support For Cancer Patients

By Master Key Collection

Audio Sample

A combination of tracks from our leading authors to create a program of love and support for cancer patients.

Track scp01 – Exhale
Music only
Track scp02 – Courage and Faith
Featuring Marianne Williamson
Track scp03 – Les Brown – Inner Journey
A straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate CVR message, motivates and engages all participants to step into their greatness; providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream.
Track scp04 – Jeffery Howard – The Zone of Balance and Harmony
You will be guided through a process that will allow you to explore the inner depths of your mind, as you relax and balance your body. You will practice a form of breathing deeply and breathing out slowly that is a form of Yoga breathing and duplicates your body’s natural relaxation response, relieving stress and giving you time to simply relax into this balancing and harmonizing process. You become more aware of the deep connection with your spiritual essence, the Source of who you really are. Being out of balance and harmony lowers our conscious connection to our source energy and we no longer perform at our peak potential. Restoring balance and harmony gives you a sense of inner peace and inner power; your true power within.
Track scp05 – Jeffery Howard – The Zone of Deep Relaxation
You are guided on this fantastic journey as you move into the zone of deep relaxation, through a process that will allow you to connect with and relax every part of your body, mind and spirit. You allow yourself to completely relax, taking deep cleansing breaths, as you move through your body for complete relaxation, letting go of tension, any sense of uneasiness that you feel emotionally, physically or mentally. Negative thoughts and emotions drift away, as you relax deeper and deeper with every breath cycle. You breathe in power, focus and relaxation and breathe out anxiety and fear. You become more deeply aware of your body; even in this relaxed state, your mind is open, awake and alive. You are feeling more connected as you breathe deeply allowing yourself to simply be in this relaxed state.
Track scp06 – Jeffery Howard – The Zone of Health and Healing
As you relax and balance your body, you move into your ideal state of being in the zone of health and healing. Your most powerful tool for health and healing is your marvelous and infinite mind. Your body replenishes, rejuvenates and cleanses itself constantly without your having to think one conscious thought about it. Whether you are in good health and desire to maintain or improve that state, or whether you are experiencing a physical, mental or emotional challenge that requires more attention, how you communicate with yourself, with inner faith, and belief will have a dramatic effect on your desired outcome. Remarkable results and miraculous healings happen every day. Anything is possible and you are now open to all possibilities as your first step to a healthier, happier and more balanced life.
Track scp07 – Bob Proctor – Affirming Self
In this inspirational session, you learn that what you have identified as weaknesses within yourself are false perceptions which can be released and dissolved from your mind. Your weaknesses are not real; they are false concepts placed in your mind. As you release them, you are healed. You replace them with a greater power, and you give that power to the talent, ability and the consciousness that you possess. You release these false concepts that damage the image that you have of yourself. You let them go; you don’t give them any power. Everything you are is yours forever; you are developing a desire to share that beautiful truth. Your mind is the greatest power in all of creation and it is ever seeking greater expression and greater expansion. Make certain you never sell yourself short; if you have the slightest desire to do something, you have been blessed with the power and ability to do it.
Track scp08 – Brenda Wade – You Are Love
Like most people, you have experienced heartbreak and heartache; and your beautiful, powerful heart wanting to close, wanting to shut down so that you can be safe, safe from the risk, safe from the possibility of ever having your heart hurt again. It’s not possible to live with a closed heart. There is something in us that is beyond our conscious control, the thing that makes each of us human, and it’™s that compelling energy of the Divine, God, the Universe, the Light; that part of us insists that we learn to open our hearts. It’s only when our hearts are open that we can actually experience our true nature, experience ourselves as the most powerful, the most beautiful beings that we can each be. When we close our hearts, we cut off the flow of our life force, our life essences, our nature, you can’t run from it. Choose to stand for love, before you lose the chance in this lifetime; the chance to experience fully, powerfully, and courageously who you truly are: you are love.
Track scp09 – Being Whole
Featuring Rachel Naomi Remen, MD.
Track scp10 – Appreciation Montage
Featuring Desmond Tutu with Christiane Northrop, MD; Ira Byock, MD; Angeles Arrien, PhD; Joan Borysenko, PhD; and Rachel Naomi Remen, MD.
Track scp11 – Deepak Chopra – Guided Imagery – “Stillness”
Set to tranquil music, Deepak Chopra guides you into the stillness, the silence between your thoughts, the silence that is you. You are the window to the infinite mind, the mystery we call God—God is whispering to you in the silent space between your thoughts. Wisdom traditions say “be still and know that I am God.” The stillness is the secret part of you that transcends space and time; the part of you that is immortal. In the stillness you find the secret part of you that will continue to evolve, as the Universe evolves. When you relax your body whenever stress overwhelms you, come back to the secret space of your heart—you are the stillness, you are the silence between the thoughts—return to your stillness, that stillness, that silence is you.
Track scp12 – Lisa Nichols Design Your Destiny
Lisa Nichols accompanies you on a journey of guided imagery. You allow your body to completely relax and thoughts to melt away and to be totally present as you visualize a serene setting. You can tap into what is possible, into what the Creator can create on your behalf. You engage your mind to surrender and accept your greatness, accept your value and remove the opposing conversation. Recognize that you are designed for greatness and your past experiences perfectly prepare you for your future. Say yes to your greatness. Only you can design your destiny. You are the culmination of all past choices. You are the creator of all future choices. Your life will be a constant reflection of your choices and the lessons you learn are perfect. You are God’s perfection in a physical form. You have everything you need within you to walk the path you have chosen and experience the life you want to experience bliss, joy, peace of mind and crazy amazing love are yours. You have everything in you to make those moments and experiences your reality.