Support For Professional Caregivers

By Master Key Collection

Audio Sample

A combination of tracks from our best authors for a program of support for professional caregivers.

Track spg01 – Caritas Prayer
Featuring Jean Watson, PhD, RN.
Track spg02 – Exhale
Music Only.
Track spg03 – Les Brown – Inner Journey
A straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate CVR message, motivates and engages all participants to step into their greatness; providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream.
Track spg04 – Jeffery Howard – The Zone of Balance and Harmony
You will be guided through a process that will allow you to explore the inner depths of your mind, as you relax and balance your body. You will practice a form of breathing deeply and breathing out slowly that is a form of Yoga breathing and duplicates your body’s natural relaxation response, relieving stress and giving you time to simply relax into this balancing and harmonizing process. You become more aware of the deep connection with your spiritual essence, the Source of who you really are. Being out of balance and harmony lowers our conscious connection to our source energy and we no longer perform at our peak potential. Restoring balance and harmony gives you a sense of inner peace and inner power: your true power within.
Track spg05 – Jeffery Howard – The Zone of Health and Healing
As you relax and balance your body, you move into your ideal state of being in the zone of health and healing. Your most powerful tool for health and healing is your marvelous and infinite mind. Your body replenishes, rejuvenates and cleanses itself constantly without your having to think one conscious thought about it. Whether you are in good health and desire to maintain or improve that state, or whether you are experiencing a physical, mental or emotional challenge that requires more attention, how you communicate with yourself, with inner faith, and belief will have a dramatic effect on your desired outcome. Remarkable results and miraculous healings happen every day. Anything is possible and you are now open to all possibilities as your first step to a healthier, happier and more balanced life.
Track spg06 – Self-Compassion
Featuring Jeremy Geffen, Joan Borysenko.
Track spg07 – The Inner Life of the Caregiver
Featuring Richard Moss.
Track spg08 – Breathing Meditation
Featuring Jean Watson.
Track spg09 – Path of the Healer
Featuring Angeles Arrien, PhD.
Track spg10 – The Caring Moment
Featuring Jean Watson, PhD, RN.
Track spg11 – The Soul of Caregiving
Featuring Naomi Judd, RN.
Track spg12 – Appreciation Montage
Featuring Desmond Tutu with Christiane Northrop, MD; Ira Byock, MD; Angeles Arrien, PhD; Joan Borysenko, PhD; and Rachel Naomi Remen, MD.