Beat the Smoking Habit

By Michael Grady

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You are now able to utilize these proven technologies that have helped thousands of people from all walks of life to break free from their smoking habits easily, with no withdrawals and never depriving themselves.

As you go through this program, enjoying the relaxing experience you will notice how cravings will simply go away to then never come back, due to scientific methods of shifting your neurology to that of someone who never smokes.

Each track is specifically designed to walk every type of smoker through the relaxing process, cleaning out your old behaviors and creating the experience of never thinking of a cigarette again.

This step-by-step process, though very advanced, is extremely simple to follow. Anyone, at any place in life, will have success and be free once and for all as you are guided every step of the way.

Track bsh01 – Breaking Free Now
  • You will learn how this will be one of the easiest things that you will ever do.
  • Why the masses have become addicted to smoking and freeing yourself from illusions.
  • You will not deprive yourself; you simply will have no desire, craving or urge.
  • Through this process, eating habits will get healthier as a by-product, no weight gain.
  • Old unwanted beliefs will collapse with the “House of Cards” virtualization.

Track bsh02 – Becoming a Non-Smoker
  • We define what a “non-smoker” actually means and how most people who “quit” are actually still smokers and don’t even know it.
  • Seeing, experiencing and integrating all the qualities that a person is gaining from being a person who doesn’t smoke.
  • Start taking on and integrating the characteristics of a person who never smokes into your daily life using neuro-linguistic technology.

Track bsh03 – Never Want a Cigarette Again
Wouldn’t it be great if you thought of smoking like you think of pet food? In this ground-breaking session we are going to re-arrange your neuro-pathways to move the idea of smoking over to a completely different sector of your mental universe, having no want or need.
Track bsh04 – Understanding and Conquering the Habit Day 1
  • Understanding how your habits have established enables freedom from addiction using this simple awareness technique.
  • Why quitting cold turkey is incredibly difficult for most people and how to make the process easy.
  • Eliminating the smoking “triggers.”

Track bsh05 – Understanding and Conquering the Habit Day 2 & 3
Continuing to unlock the daily habits and enabling you to easily go through your days free from smoking. You will also conquer the more challenging cravings taking quantum leaps.
Track bsh06 – Your Days are Easy as a Non-Smoker
This session will allow you to go through each situation throughout your day that used to be challenging, be a breeze. Subliminal programs are used through this session continuing to enable you as a successful non-smoker.
Track bsh07 – Using and Unwanted Habit to Your Advantage
Using the momentum you have of being a smoker can be used to shift that behavior into an activity or habit that is more ideal. Imagine being able to shift being a smoker into a person who exercises often, or a person who uses the same intensity to focus on their career… you pick!
Track bsh08 – Re-Patterning Your Past as a Non-Smoker
With the ability to turn the clocks back in your mind using safe regression techniques, Michael brings you a place of mind where you will literally bring back your non-smoking self from the past, having the qualities of the new, fresh, clean version of your who now never smokes.
Track bsh09 – Clearing Out the Toxins and Being Smoke Free
Being able to dump out the toxins that have accumulated over time enables you to more easily move into the new, smoke free you. Follow these steps to go through an actual cleanse removing the nicotine and cleansing the past.
Track bsh10 – Deleting Cravings for Good
Just like selecting a file on a computer and pushing delete to remove the program for good, so to can you remove this negative mental program you’d rather not have. Now re-install the non-smoking program that you allow to run on autopilot.
Track bsh11 – Listen to This When You Have a Craving
Anytime that you have a craving, put this session on and use a breakthrough technology that will not only eliminate the craving you are experiencing, but also clear it out forever. This weird but extremely effective process may not make sense why it works so well.
Track bsh12 – Diminishing the Withdrawal Symptoms
If there is a time that you experience any withdrawal symptoms luckily you will have this session handy to literally turndown any of sensations that may come as you beat the smoking habit. Have an overwhelming sense of comfort as you put the past now behind you.
Track bsh13 – You are Now a Non-Smoker
Finally, integrate into the new version of you being the non-smoker you truly desire to be. With all the mental work you’ve done through all the previous sessions, watch them all completely integrate into your being as you now walk your life as a non-smoker once and for all!