The Ultimate Athlete

By Michael Grady

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This break-through program, being the first of its kind, will bring you to a level of sport ability that is beyond comprehension. Expanding your horizon of athletic capabilities is easily experienced, simply by being guided through these specific techniques and processes.

Working with professional athletes, we have created a combined approach to sport enhancement that will literally fine-tune the neuro-chemistry of your brain to that of an Ultimate Champion Athlete.

Track uam01 – Awaken the Ultimate Athlete from Within
Awaken the dormant abilities within you that are waiting to be unleashed. This mental training will enhance your skill sets and qualities you’ve always wanted to have in the game. Step into the body of an Ultimate Athlete and feel the power.
Track uam02 – The Winning Mindset
Learn the secret to having higher focus and energy levels in every situation, even when mistakes or mishaps come about. This is the mindset world class athletes use to create incredible victories in their professional careers, now being passed on to you.
Track uam03 – Creating Excellent Practice Habits
Imagine the ability to having endless inspiration and motivation by being locked into and excited about, all of your practices. Developing perfection in your sport is to not just practice consistently but to practice in a perfect way. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect, just by listening and relaxing.
Track uam04 – The Keys to Laser-Like Focus
What is the precursor to possessing full control of one’s self, where no distractions pull you off course from your game? Crush negativity instantly by focusing on what you want and where you are going like never before. Incredible focus keeps you on track with your advancing levels of performance to progress you forward at quantum speed and with no limits. Move, think and act faster than ever before.
Track uam05 – Set and Achieve Your Sport Goals
Choose the type of athlete you desire to become and allow your Super Conscious Mind to fulfill the goals you set out to be achieved and fulfilled. This neuroscience-based approach locks-in where you see yourself in the future and allowing your brain to wire in this New Reality.