Dream Drops Weight Loss Solution

By Master Key Collection

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Imagine a weight loss solution that is easy to do and allows you shed up to 30 pounds in 30 days. Dreams do come true! Dream Drops is a doctor supervised program that provides all the elements you need to success including coaching support.

Track dd01 – Solutions for Weight Loss
Deep inside your mind you have all the solutions to create a safe and permanent weight loss. These weight loss solutions can come in many different ways: some people receive solutions in the forms of
words, others as feelings; however you experience them will be perfect for you. You know that all solutions to your safe and permanent weight loss are already inside you. You are taking control of your body and mind and following the instructions you are given for safe and permanent weight loss. Deep inside you create solutions to your weight loss, as you begin to focus on the behaviors that allow you to eat the right foods at the right time, in the right amount. Say yes to your body at your ideal weight. The solutions are always flowing into your system. Let yourself experience a solution driven life: it’s right there inside your mind. Narrated by Suzy Prudden.
Track dd02 – Release Your Addiction to Carbs
You are going on a remarkable journey inside your mind to help you understand the power of your brain and the need for balance. With the right nutrition, cravings can be stopped quickly and often painlessly with no guilt, no shame, and no pain. This process will take you into your inner mind to reprogram your
beliefs about cravings. Realize that cravings for carbs, sweets and fast foods is merely a habit; and you are on a journey of healing your body and balancing your brain chemistry. You now have the tools and the information to release cravings, decrease stress and increase clarity, focus and energy. It becomes a habit to eat well and to enjoy it.
You have activated your inner mind to fulfill your desire to be totally and completely free of the cravings of the past. Narrated by Suzy Prudden.
Track dd03 – Take Back Your Power
This track will help you take back your
power and allow you to love and appreciate your body right now. It is designed to help you stop the inner battle and bring you peace of mind as you develop a new relationship with your body and yourself. You will feel a new sense of self, a feeling of empowerment and confidence. Say yes to yourself and the gentle loving changes you are making; you
are releasing the pain and making peace with your body. You are activating that part of you that chooses to eat the right foods, at the right time for your health and well-being. You are developing a new mindset to transform the old thinking about your body into powerful, loving thoughts. Make the
choice to love and honor yourself and your body everyday in your own unique, perfect and healthy way. You are so proud of yourself—you have taken back your power. Narrated by Suzy Prudden.
Track dd04 – Infuse Yourself with Positive Motivation
This program is design to help you experience
yourself in a new way; you will now feel the beauty and power that is you and begin to love your body. You are developing the mindset to transform your old thinking into thinking powerful loving thoughts about your body and staying motivated and inspired to give your body what it needs to be healthy, whole and complete. You begin to feel safe in your decision to trust that you are okay, as you practice treating your body the way it needs to be treated to be healthy. Today your focus is on your way of thinking. Your subconscious mind has the power to keep you on track and feeling good with relaxed
energy and balanced emotions. Open up to your own creative unconscious and bring in the positive feelings and experiences you want in your life. Narrated by Suzy Prudden.
Track dd05 – Learning to Enjoy Exercise
Much of our resistance to exercise comes from having bad habits and a poor understanding of and relationship to our bodies. This process is designed to overcome exercise resistance. As you listen to it regularly, you will create a new relationship with your body. You will learn to understand and appreciate it. You will listen to the messages it gives you. You will develop new positive habits. Exercise will become a new, automatic habit and something you enjoy like brushing your teeth and eating. Narrated by Adoley Odunton.
Track dd06 – Develop a Success Mindset
In this powerful session narrated by Adoley Odunton, you will let go of the negative programming of the past so that you are no longer dragging it into your future. As you develop a success mindset, you will find that you are able to be fully in the present moment where you can make the make powerful, loving choices that support you to realizing your goal of returning to your natural and ideal weight forever.
Track dd07 – How to Handle Stress and Still Lose Weight
Stress is a fact of life for most of us. 33% of Americans are suffering from unhealthy levels of stress at work and their numbers continue to rise. Stress not only contributes to diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, it is one of the major causes of weight gain and obesity. This session we will give you some simple but highly effective tools that you can use to deal with stress anytime, anywhere. Narrated by Adoley Odunton.
Track dd08 – Date Your Body
When you are overweight it is all too easy to “hate” your body, beat it up and blame it for all the things that aren’t working in your life. Your body is not an object. Your body is an extension of you. How you feel about your body is how you feel about yourself. This powerful process helps you become a loving partner to your body. When you change your relationship with your body for the better, you improve your relationship with yourself as well. As you honor and accept your body, you become responsible for your heath and well-being and the excess weight naturally disappears. Narrated by Adoley Odunton.