What Makes Your Heart Sing

By Bruce Cryer

Audio Sample

Bruce Cryer and composer Gary Malkin join forces to share how discovering “What Makes Your Heart Sing?” can be a powerful catalyst for inspiring your leadership capacities, especially at a time of great stress and complexity. With a moving blend of inspirational music, along with personal stories, they hope to awaken your creative self-expression, open your heart and deepen one’s humanity in the workplace.

The “What Makes Your Heart Sing?” programs are provided to care-givers and hospital administrators, as well as to leaders in public and private sector organizations.

Much more than a motivational speech, their message is that especially during times of economic uncertainty and societal anxiety, reconnecting with your heart’s passion can make the difference between a life of resignation and despair, and a life of hope and possibility. Through vivid personal stories, including dramatic health and personal challenges the authors both overcame, they bring a message that is compelling, timely and relevant. And entertaining! That’s their hope and purpose.

Track ghs01 – The Power of Playfullness
Track ghs02 – The Power of Willingness