Easy Weight Loss Mediation Series

By Kerry Tepedino

Track ktw01 – Master The Unconscious Mind For Natural Weight Loss
You can change your biology through your thoughts and feelings. The 50 trillion cells in your body are listening to your thoughts. When you are stressed, depressed, anxious, your cells are listening and responding. This mediation will help you master your mindset so you naturally think healthy, happy, joyful, loving thoughts leading you to shed weight, reduce stress, and finally feel free in your body.
Track ktw02 – Master The Unconscious Mind To Curb Cravings For Natural Weight Loss
This meditation is one way that will help you make changes to how your mind works, so it will work with you so you curb your cravings, stop eating junk food, and actually want to exercise.

It will help you reprogram your mind to make healthier decisions for you and your body because you want to, not because you have to, resulting in natural weight loss, where the pounds simply melt right off of you.