The Key to Happiness

By Dale Bach

Audio Sample

Each one of these meditations are designed to help you let go of stress and anxiety, allowing your body mind and spirit to go back to its natural state of Harmony, Radiant Health and having a Happy Heart. Cultivating resilience and a deep rooted belief that you are worthy of Connection, that you are enough and that you are worthy and deserve the very best that Love and Life has to offer you.

Track dhk01 – Revitalize, Energize and Be Happy
In this meditation you will experience powerful affirmations that anchor Happiness in your heart. They Revitalize, Energize and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit down to every cell of your Being.

Listening to this audio is like drinking in a spiritual cappuccino. So Relax and enjoy these daily affirmations with the knowledge that affirmations are proven to be a powerful way to take charge of your life and create the life that you love and deserve.

Track dhk02 – Bathe in Unconditional Love and Self-Acceptance
This is Spiritual and Non-Denominational meditation that will bathe you in Divine Love and Light dissolving all sense stress and separation from Oneness. Reminding you that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Elevating your body, mind and spirit to feel lighter, brighter and happier.

This is designed to activate, empower and anchor Self-Acceptance and Self-Love creating a deep and profound belief that you are powerfully Connected to Divine Intelligence and Loved unconditionally.

Track dhk03 – Experience the Oneness and comfort of the Holy Spirit
On a spiritual journey in in Brazil in 2002 I had a direct experience of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ that changed my life forever. I experienced a spontaneous healing. Calling upon the Holy Spirit and Jesus I asked in prayer that the essence of that sacred powerful healing experience be transmitted to you in this recording. This will help you have a deeper stronger Connection and relationship with The Holy Spirit and God. Letting go of all doubt and allowing the Truth to set you free. In gratitude it is my prayer that you experience the healing of the Holy Spirit and feel the Divine Grace, Unconditional Love, Peace, and Joy.