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The Brain

12 Unexpected Things That Mess With Your Memory
14 Things No One Tells You About Aging
Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate
Brain Functions
Brain Frequency (aka Neural Oscillation) Entrainment Overview And Efficacy of Optical Stimulation
Can You ‘Catch’ Stress in a Classroom? Science Says Yes
Chronic Fatigue ‘Brain Fog’ Clues in Spinal Fluid
Frequency Following Response Technology
Light & Sound Research Abstracts
Memory and The Unconscious Mind
Pratt & Whitney Case Study
Science Daily: This Is Your Brain On Meditation
Top Concentration Killers
Wireless Medicine


A Psychosocial Complement to Cancer Treatment
Abstract for the Society of Integrative Oncology
Psychologic Intervention Improves Survival for Breast Cancer Patients
Study of Pathfinders, a Psychosocial Intervention for Cancer Patients


Addiction, Meditation, and Contemplative Practice
Forbes: For Depression Treatment Meditation, Might Rival Medication
Guided Meditation Programs as support for ADD/ADHD
The Healing Art of Meditation
Meditation: A Simple, Fast Way to Reduce Stress (Mayo Clinic)
Hypnosis May Help Improve Deep Sleep
The NIH Has Spent $100M on Mindfulness Meditation
PTSD and Integrative Mind Body Spirit
Psychology Today: Mindfulness in a Frantic World
Science Daily: Anxiety and Meditation
Science Daily: Demystifying Meditation
Science Daily: Meditation Makes You More Creative
Science Daily: This Is Your Brain On Meditation

Pain Management

American Pain and Wellness Case Study
Commonly Abused Prescription and OTC Drugs
Disease Management Program to Help Patients with Chronic Pain Study
New York Attorney General Says Many Herbal Supplements Mislabeled

Stress Management

15 Common Supplement Ingredients That Could Make You Seriously Sick

4 stress-relieving exercises to calm down naturally
7 Ways to Beat Stress
10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast
10 Ways to Reduce Stress
The Link Between Stress and Psoriasis
The Truth About What Stress Does to You
Put Tech to Work For Your Health
Quitting Smoking Effects on the Human Body
Shocking Statistics You Need To Know
Tips to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better


5 Secrets for a Good Night’s Sleep
6 Tips for the Day After a Bad Night’s Sleep
8 Causes of Night Sweats
9 Ways to Get Your Energy Back
10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss
10 Tips to Snooze Better
20 Tips for Better Sleep
Aging and Sleep
An Overview of Insomnia
Bad Dreams or Nightmares
The Basics of Snoring
The Best Mattress for a Better Night
Beauty Sleep Counts When You Have A Cold
Blue LEDs-Circadian Rhythm
Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness and How to Fight Them
Clues You Might Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Common Sleep Disorders in Teens
Drugs, Alcohol, and Sleep
FDA – Start Sleep Drug Lunesta at a Lower Dose
Foods That Help or Harm Your Sleep
For Teens Falling Asleep Gets Harder With More Screen Time
How to Reset Your Sleep Cycle
The Healing Power of Sleep
Hypnosis May Help Improve Deep Sleep
Insomnia – Improving Your Sleep
Keeping A Sleep Diary
Multiple Sclerosis and Fatigue
Natural Sleep Solutions
Night Owls Run Higher Risk of Health Problems
Jobs That Wreck Your Sleep
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Myths and Facts
Psoriatic Arthritis – 10 Tips to Fight Fatigue
ROI of Sleep
Report: Lack of Sleep is Costing the US Millions
Sleep and Adult ADHD
Sleep and Aging
Sleep and Depression
Sleep and Weight Gain
Sleep Apnea May Steal Some of Your Memory
Sleep Loss May Boost False Memories
Sleep Supplements – Melatonin, Valerian, and More
Sleep, Travel, and Jet Lag
Sleeping Well Now Protects Your Brain in the Future, Study Finds
Study Links Pot Use With Poor Sleep
Temperature For The Best Sleep
Tips to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better
Travel Health Slideshow: 25 Ways to Stay Well Abroad

Treating Sleep Apnea May Lower Heart Risks
Understanding the Side Effects of Sleeping Pills
What Is Sleep Drunkenness?
Sleep and Adult ADHD
What to do Today to Sleep Better Tonight
What to Expect When Undergoing a Sleep Study
What’s Keeping You Up – 6 Sleep Wreckers
What’s Zapping Your Energy
When Your Partner Has a Sleep Disorder
Will a Gadget Help You Sleep?