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Linda Norton Victor Thorsen

Linda NortonCertified Inspiring Coach, Enneagram Master and Hypnotherapist in Avanti Coaching Ltd.

I started coaching in 2005 and gradually extended my field by taking courses in EFT, Kinesiology, Meta Medicine and Hypnotherapy.

I love my New Reality device because I have fibromyalgia and suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. The device helps me relax when my muscles are tense and painful, and it also helps me recover my strength when I’m tired. The blue light is fantastic!

I am so happy and proud to be working with you and hope to be able to contribute more in the future, if you want me to.

Best regards,
Linda Norton Victor Thorsen


Transformational Arts Colege

Learn more about our product at this spiritualistic, holistic training institution: Transformational Arts College

Support Sister Amber

Hi Dale,
Thank you so much for making yourself available to me, and thank you Janice!!

It seems like a lifetime has past since you originated this email to me. So much has happened, and there’s still so much more on the horizon to be revealed. In truth, my sister’s illness has absolutely shattered my life. This word “shattered” is destructive in tone, and definitely brings some negative energy with it. But also, the destruction has helped to clear out a lot of “debris”, making room for a return to simple, pure Truths in myself that were ready to return to daylight. My sister’s journey is her own, but she takes us all with her, and we are never going to be able to go “home”. And maybe that’s okay.

What I wanted to share with you was just how grateful, amazed and inspired I was when the New Reality program was utilized in my sister’s experience. My twin sister underwent abdominal surgery to remove a tumor on Friday, Feb 28th. This was her second abdominal surgery for appendix cancer in 2 years. What was initially meant to be an 8 hour procedure to eradicate the tumor was ended at 3 hours when the surgeon discovered the degree to which my sister’s cancer had spread. The prognosis given was months to live.

The arrogance and ignorance of such a statement is a topic for another conversation. But regardless, the physical, emotional and mental toll on my sister was and continues to weigh heavily. I left her hospital room on March 2nd, and when I returned on the the 7th, she had suffered a bowel obstruction and infection. She was in immense pain, literally unable to speak, except to tell me that she wasn’t sure how much more she could handle. To see someone you love in this much pain is beyond description. By this time in the hospital (1 week), she still had not had more than 2 hours of sleep at a time since entering the hospital on the 28th, despite having access to a hoard of drugs. And needless to say, the “sleep” she had was light; there was no restoration, no healing.

While packing my bags for the return on the 7th, intuition told me to grab the NR glasses. When I arrived to the hospital, I had her take a nap with them immediately. What occurred then was the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Amber fell asleep almost immediately, and sank into a deep deep sleep, complete with the mouth opening and drooling, and body spasms indicative of REM sleep!! She was able to break through to a layer of peace and true mental and physical rest that she desperately required. When she woke up an hour and a half later, she was blown away by how good she felt. She wore them that night and experienced the same rest as the she did during the nap, but for the entire night!! She would wake momentarily with each nurse check every 3 hours, but would quickly drop back into sleep. She finally found the tool for healing that had been evading her for a week. She has been using them ever since. Knowing that she now rests while simultaneously receiving words of power, strength, faith, and courage via the audio component only adds to my belief in her ultimate healing. This element has been/is/will be crucial in her experience.

Western medicine is a miracle, and I’m grateful and humbled by its potentialities. However, what was sorely missed in my sister’s experience was a foundation and application of basic physical priorities. Adequate rest is a non-negotiable foundation of health, and despite all the science and technology at our fingertips, this necessity was relegated to non-discussion in the hospital, and was de-prioritized. The NR program, however, used science to deliver a fundamental human need, the ideal relationship between humanity and technology. As I walked those hospital halls, hearing the pain and fear in all those voices coming from the rooms, I wished that I had NR glasses to give to every patient in that ward. I firmly believe that NR is a powerful tool of healing, regardless of the framework in which the program is used: hospital room, bedroom, or therapist’s office.

I’d be happy to discuss this experience with you in more detail, but more than anything, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and Janice for the opportunity to have this technology to give to Amber. What I experienced with NR almost defies words. There are no adequate words to express the relief we found when Amber could truly rest! But what’s more is that NR technology allows our minds to reconnect with its innate power on a deeper, purer, more REAL plane of existence than is accessible in most conscious, waking moments of Life. It allows us to tap into our own healing powers, and supports the notion that real health on every level is already inside us, and merely needs to be reawakened and realigned. It is from this belief that my family moves forward in my sister’s care, and we will be using NR as we travel that road.

In short, I want you to know that I would be honored to support NR in any way possible in the future. Should you ever need assistance in promoting, marketing, selling, or testing NR technology, I am here to help 110%. I believe in NRs effectiveness to the extent that I believe that I am sitting here right now, typing this email. Further, I have family and friends who want to purchase units, based on what they saw at my sister’s bedside. I’m not sure how to direct them regarding purchases. Any guidance you can give regarding orders would be fantastic.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, and PLEASE let me know how I can ever be of service.

In gratitude, Stephanie Sharp

Husky Canada

HUSKY Injection Molding Systems is the world’s largest brand name supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastic industry. With one of the broadest product lines in the industry, HUSKY equipment is used to manufacture a wide range of plastic products such as bottles and caps for beverages, containers for food, medical components and consumer electronic parts. HUSKY has over 40 services and sales offices, supporting customers in more than 100 countries.

A strong commitment to proactive corporate social and environmental responsibility is one of the core values. HUSKY has established a reputation as a global leader in this area and have been recognized as a model corporate citizen by promoting environmentally responsibility technologies, care in our communities, energy conservation and upholding the highest standards of business conduct.

As a global leader in employee wellness, HUSKY was excited to incorporate the simple, yet powerful TGI technology, into the on-site employee wellness facility in the spring of 2010. TGI individual sessions and full programs available in both Stress Management & Smoking Cessation have very quickly proven themselves to be very effective in increasing employee productivity and assisting in their general wellness; leaving them feeling happier.

With over 30 years experience in corporate Canada’s occupational environment and with TGI’s easy application, I believe this is an excellent tool for all occupational environments. Employee wellness can be easily achieved using TGI programs. HUSKY Canada is looking forward to working with more TGI programs and sharing this technology with our global families.

Irene Balabanowicz, R.N., www.husky.ca Global Head Office, Bolton, Ontario, Canada. Occupational and Health and Safely CRSP

Hello Golf Docs…

Almost every week I am approached by someone who feels they have created the ultimate golf aid. I am always willing to have a look at new books and gadgets; however, nine times out of ten I pass on the pitched item. The good news is that every now and again I am introduced to something that is very helpful.

MasterKeyStone affiliate NewReality has produced a Mental Coaching Program specific for golf. It is an audio-visual program using a unique combination of light and sound designed to help train your mind and body to relax and concentrate. There are 13 different golf-specific programs that can be embedded into an iPod-like device called a PRO. In addition to headphones, you wear a pair of glasses that are capable of rendering various patterns of light. The combination of sound and light is very subtle yet very powerful.

Since you’ve taken my seminars, you know I teach that your ability to concentrate is critical if you plan to lower your handicap. Teaching skills to concentrate have proven difficult. The PRO device, however, is so simple and easy to use. Suffice to say, I find Golf Mental Coaching to be an excellent training aid.

Jeff Blanchard


started using the NewReality PRO (affiliate of Master KeyStone) on June 26, 2009
-like Self-Esteem programs the best particularly the relationship program
-have noticed anxiety and stress level has come down from a 10 to about a 3 or 4 BUT mind is tired and very scattered
-have been resting alot and drinking lots of water

-I feel like my sub-conscious mind is CHANGING I.e. letting go of traumatic events from the past, helping me let go of people and events that have caused me to feel BAD about myself

-It is exciting, a bit scary, mostly and exhilarating feeling, this change at different times during my day I hear a subliminal voice telling me to let go of the past, to NOT talk about the past to anyone, to forget about being violated or taken advantage of physically or financially and to drink water, to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, to stay youthful, vibrant and glowing

-and if I do all these things and relax and visualize, my ultimate goal WILL be realized (Ultimate goal is to look, feel and be the way I was before I was traumatized)

-I enjoy the music of the bells and chimes is very relaxing and calms me
-the instructions for changing my negative self-talk to positive self-talk is very powerful and something I want very much to change
-this open mind & attitude will be life-changing & will happen soon
-I am very confident & thrilled to be given this chance to improve my mental health
-I am truly grateful to Mr. Robbie Besner and I can tell he cares about me and he also benefits from the PRO because he glows, has a wonderful attitude about life, helps people & has a youthful, vibrant look about him
-his smiling face is something that comes to me during some of the Inner and Outer Beauty programs

I believe that the mind is very powerful & that the entire body IS able to heal and regenerate itself with help from the Pro-wave, PRO and Therasage products

-I was diagnosed by VA in 1993 with PTSD, Severe Depression, and Migraine Headaches and have been experimenting with alternative therapies since then. These therapies include; EMDR, Eye Movement therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, reflexology massage, aroma-therapy, massage therapy, and the new products from therasage.

Thank You for your time, loving care, and work toward helping veterans, all my love and prayers to both of you,


Former Struggling “Spa” on the Road to Success – AZ0020, Arrowhead Ranch

The Situation: AZ0020’s landlord was about to close the location, but Planet Beach Arizona Area Representatives Brad & Sally Olson joined with Franchisees Kevin and Heather Carpenter to keep the location from closing and help it reach the potential they all knew it had. Formerly a struggling location, Arrowhead Ranch, AZ is on its way to becoming a “bell cow” spa in the Arizona market.

The Stats: Right after taking over, the new franchisees realized the spa was being run too much like a tanning salon, even though they did have some spa equipment. The team implemented an aggressive recruiting, hiring and training process of about three months to evolve into a true spa operation.

Their hard work paid off–literally! The team saw the store’s closing percentage rise from the low 20% range in November 2008 to over 80% in January 2009! Other spa stats:

Same store sales were up 27% from January 2008

The spa had over $30,000 In the Bank (ITB) in January, a market record for an Arizona spa in January

For the grand reopening, the store did 95 memberships (Spa EFTs) for a $4,500 increase in January

At the time of this interview in February, the spa had a goal of a $20,000 EFT for April, and expected to be on target for that goal. As of this week, they will have met their goal! Congrats to the team at AZ0020!

The Secrets to their Success: The franchisees added Cloud 9 (aka BRD), Whiter Image, and Nutrition to the spa. Although this did require an increase in their initial investment, Brad says they “have a nice profit projected in the next couple of months based on the higher EFT projections.”

They also credit a strong Spa Director, Stephanie Thomas, who is “a phenomenal sales person” and “a true eagle–which is the overall key to the success of any location.”

“Talk about being in the zone!”

“I started using the TGI device in July, 2008 with the “Golf Mental Coaching” program. By the end of October, I had qualified for the USGA National Senior Women’s Championships, won the Southern Nevada Senior Championship, was runner-up at the Southern Nevada Amateur and won the Nevada State Senior Amateur. Although I had set some of these goals for the long term, I never expected to get results so quickly. I am a firm believer in the power of the mind and now I have proven it to myself. By listening to the different golf programs 3-5 times a week, (the handheld [BRD] was so easy to travel with), I was able to “get out of my own way” and allow myself to play the golf that l am capable of playing. It only takes 20 minutes (per session) to train your mind to think like a champion, trust your instincts, enjoy the process of playing and the best part is that you get to totally relax while doing it!

“If I can achieve all of this on the golf course, I am sure others can benefit greatly from the broad spectrum of programs available. These programs are truly amazing!”

Janet Weber,
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Learn more about TGI Golf Mental Coaching

“I feel the exuberance of my past!”

“At bedtime all the stuff I did during the day runs through my mind. I have trouble turning that off. I’ve tried many things. Sleep remedies are too strong and I have trouble walking in the morning. I’m now using my AM and PM TGI programs. I sleep and wake feeling exuberant.

“I’ve been listening to these programs already on a weekly basis with a practitioner but daily listening really boosts up the results. There are so many I’m interested in, I’m not sure which one I’ll start with! I’m off to a very good start.”

Pamela Groth,
Petaluma, CA, USA
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“I feel focused, confident and very happy on a daily basis!”

Wendy Livingston“As a single mother with many health issues, my life was full of pain, worry, stress and a sense of hopelessness. I had been in numerous accidents when I was young – everything from breaking my femur in a motorcycle accident, to being thrown from a horse onto my head, to being in a car accident where I broke off two of my vertebrae in my back plus many smaller accidents to numerous to mention. It was like I attracted pain and suffering into my life.”

“I do believe that the day I was introduced to TGI was the greatest gift I ever received. Within a short period of time, I noticed a significant shift in my life. The natural methods of healing I used were working so much better than they used to. My pain was disappearing, my immune system was getting better every day and I wasn’t attracting so many negative experiences into my life. My quality of life was getting better and better every day. I am now virtually pain-free and have never been healthier plus I don’t have to spend nearly as much on natural products and services. I attribute regaining my health to a shift at a very deep level – the level where I was self-sabotaging myself. This shift caused a great boost in my self-esteem and self-worth and a knowing that I can get better and live a fully functional, healthy and pain free life.”

“I am very grateful for this meditation device and TGI and highly recommend it to everyone.”

Wendy Livingston,
Kelowna, BC, Canada
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“No More Night Sweats!”

“After 52 years of experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I have finally come to grips with my past. After years of disappointment not being able to overcome nightmares and flashbacks, I am now at peace and sleeping 8 hours at night. I also am not jumping at shadows during the daytime. How did I do it? With family support and a device, the PRO, that uses Creative Visualization and Relaxation. It has now been a couple of months without screams, night sweats and my family loves it! The stress release is a huge achievement for me. I’m doing it, living a life of well-being. You have helped me immensely!”

Judith A. Hlatky,
Raymond, Alberta, Canada
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“I am now a non-smoker!”

“Since I was 18 years old, I was a very dedicated smoker. Even when I was sick with bronchitis, when it hurt to breathe and I was coughing like an idiot, I would still go outside in the dead of winter to smoke. Cigarettes were simply my best friend. I kept telling myself that I would quit soon, but I never liked telling myself no.

“One day my mom gave me on a [BRD with a] TGI session to listen to and it changed everything. TGI is now a consistent part of my life. I have used it to improve my learning abilities, to release stress, and even to lose 50 lbs. However, I never believed that it would help me with smoking. I truly felt the cigarette was stronger than the suggestion. I WAS WRONG! I have been a non-smoker for 4 years now, and I owe it all to TGI.”

Marnie L. Henninger,
Bethlehem, PA, USA
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“This works!”

“I can report positive results from my patients who have used this device in conjunction with the Stress-Free Dentistry program. At one end of the spectrum is the patient who simply listens during the hygiene appointment and experiences a more relaxed appointment. At the other end is the patient who listens regularly at home and eventually completely eliminates fear of dentistry.

“In the latter situation, the results are unmatched in my 15 years in dentistry. One patient in particular used to have to come into the office 2-3 times per scheduled appointment in order for his general cleaning to be completed, simply because his nerves couldn’t handle the stress and fear. After using the device, he is now able to come in two times per year for normal one hour full-mouth cleanings, all while being completely relaxed throughout!”

Pamela L. Ramsaur,
California Registered Dental Hygienist,
San Marcos, CA, USA
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“I feel rejuvenated and optimistic!”

Dr. Andy Nelson - HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab“From my first experience with Transformational Guided Imagery (TGI) at an Arizona Chiropractic convention, I was sold! I had previous experience with a bi-neural, tonal, audio-only synchronization device for whole brain functioning to raise brain wave states, but the TGI device was far greater with the use of light and sound PLUS the added benefit of the programming that brings behavioral repatterning for specific applications.

“We’ve successfully used the Behavioral Repatterning Device (BRD) for weight loss, pain management, stress reduction, and sleep deprivation. One patient, Joel H., purchased the BRD after completing spinal decompression therapy for lower back pain. He used the BRD on 20 separate occasions and felt that on-going use would be beneficial for stress, and pain. Joel and his wife Laura use their BRD daily and love it. Another patient, Priscilla K. who had fibromyalgia, purchased the BRD because she got only 2 hours of ‘restless’ sleep a night for several years. After the first session on the BRD, she miraculously got six hours of ‘restful’ sleep and has continued to sleep well every day since. A weight loss patient, Julie A., lost 45 pounds in less than 5 months by changing the way she thought about food. Repatterning her food intake behavior gave her a sustained weight management tool with repeated use of the BRD. My own experience using the BRD is that it refreshes my body like a power nap, giving me a mental and physical springboard for the remainder of my day.

“My biggest frustration with the BRD is trying to convince people of the significant benefit it can bring into their lives. I would love for all of my patients to experience this technology for better quality of life. Thank you so much for introducing this to me and my practice.”

Dr. Andy Nelson,
HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab
Prescott, Arizona, USA
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“My patients love this product!

Dr. John Klitzke, DC“We have been using the PAL in our office in conjunction with our decompression program. The response from our patients is very positive. They enjoy listening to the program. They are truly able to relax and focus on getting better, as they are listening to the program. We feel that the use of the PAL is instrumental in the progress of treatment. We have had one patient that was so excited about the PAL that she purchased it to use at home with her family!

Dr. John Klitzke, DC,
Apache Junction, AZ, USA
Learn more about New Reality Decompression

TGI Works!

Dr. Jonathan Ellerby“I cannot stress enough how much I have come to feel that this technology and programs offered are exactly what most people need today. The combination of education and the functional use of music and brain state science is the advantage people will need as they work to manage their busy lives, break habits, and make great changes in health and peace of mind. The momentum of the outside world is not to be underestimated, and this is the antidote, and an advantage that would help virtually anyone.”

– Dr Jonathan Ellerby, PhD., Canyon Ranch health clinic, Tucson, Arizona

From the book Inspiration Deficit Disorder – Hay House

I also recommend creative visualization. Amazing products that use the best of science and brain state technology to help you overcome insomnia through music, eyewear, and guided programs can be found at www.masterkeystone.com.

– Dr Jonathan Ellerby, PhD., Canyon Ranch health clinic, Tucson, Arizona

Perfect Tan, Body & Wellness Center

I have had amazing success with TGI in my Tanning Center and personal life and I know you are going to thoroughly enjoy your personal TGI Home unit. I was introduced to TGI a year ago; after only one session I knew I wanted to share the miraculous experience with my customers, family, and friends. The extensive TGI programs offer something for everyone and we have incredible success with all the programs TGI has to offer. The most popular programs in the salon are Weight Loss, Stress Management, Accelerated Learning, and Life Mastery. My family and I have experienced outstanding results using the TGI and we love having a personal unit at home. The programs we have personally used are as follows:

Accelerated Learning: A year ago our 17-year-old son Tyler was seriously struggling to make it through his junior year in high school. Despite our efforts to encourage him, Tyler was failing his classes and had no motivation to go to school. My wife and I honestly thought he would not graduate. When Tyler went through the TGI Accelerated Learning program, we all noticed an immediate positive change in his attitude and motivation. He became motivated, he was excited to go to school, he had goals and his grades skyrocketed to A’s and B’s. Tyler enrolled into summer school to make up for his failed classes. Currently, he is a senior taking collage classes and looking forward to a future in the medical field. We are amazed and thrilled with Tyler’s total turnaround! We also have our 10-year-old son go through TGI sessions and are amazed with the success he is having in school. His teachers who comment on how well he has improved during the past school year also noted his outstanding success.

Sales Mastery: I started making my Staff go through the Sales Mastery Program in March, my sales were running down in the salon from last year and I noticed many of my employees sales averages were on the low side. I had each employee go through the Sale Mastery Program on the TGI and the results were amazing. One employee went from having the lowest sales averages to the highest after just a few weeks. Their fear of selling to clients ended, my sales increased and so did their commissions. Within just the first two months I saw sales increase of over 66% vs the year before. I came off my worst year ever in 2007 now in 2008 I will have the highest sales ever in my business with at least a 50% increase over the year before. This program is a must if you are into sales or have a business, which sells.

Stress Management: My favorite program. Owning two businesses and running a company with 135 employees can be stressful. When I have been stressed, there is nothing like TGI . It has not only reduced my stress after just one session, but during the course of using TGI , my stress is gone. I look at things differently and many of my employees comment on me being so relaxed, upbeat and positive all the time.

Insomnia: My wife, an Attorney and has a difficult time sleeping at night. She has always suffered from insomnia and in the past has resorted to sleeping pills in order to sleep. After using the Insomnia program she has never slept better and she now knows how to turn her brain off when its time to sleep. “I have never felt better. I cannot believe how quickly I fall asleep now. Plus, I feel rested and energized when I wake up in the morning. I love the TGI Insomnia, Life Mastery, and Stress Management. The TGI has certainly changed my life for the better.” Julie Woodyatt.

Life Mastery: My family and many of my clients enjoy Life Mastery as a helpful tool to help put life into proper prospective. Life Mastery trains you to focus and use your brain to accomplish your goals. It is exciting to see the change in people’s attitude after they have been through this program.

– Harvey Woodyatt
Owner: Perfect Tan, Body & Wellness Center

Helped My Child!

My son has had behavior challenges his whole life. One doctor likened the problem to his always being in a state of Fight or Flight. Two months ago I started having him use the TGI at bedtime, playing the Goodnight session by Suzy Prudden. He’s always been a great sleeper. What was remarkable was the changes that occurred during his waking hours. He is calm and confident, more focused, and much much happier! Thank you for helping to find a solution!!! I would recommend this device to every parent wanting to give their child the gift of a confidence!

– Adryenn Ashley


I was introduced to the PRO by New Realities when I was having a tremendous problem sleeping. I had just gone more than 7 days with no more than three hours of sleep per night., sometimes as little as only an hour and a half. The person who introduced it to me told me to listen to the sleep one at night and any of the others a few times during the day. I was so focused on sleeping that all I did was the sleep one at night. After several weeks I still was not sleeping. At some point it dawned on me that maybe I should do what I had been told. As soon as I added the day time sessions I immediately felt the stress release from my system, I slept like a baby! I used the PRO every day for a while. Now I don’t have to use it all the time as my system is pretty much reset, however it is there when I want it and it is always wonderful to use.

– Dr. Susan Tannenbaum, D.C. Florida

Alleviate Stress!

I was introduced to this Personal Achievement Device (PRO) and the TGI programs about eight months ago. Since then I have been actively using the programs to help with the stress that is incumbent with working in the high technology field, as well as some of the other programs such as Life Mastery to assist with achieving goals and improving my job related efficiency. I have just completed a very stressful technology transfer from our Logic Technology Development site. I credit the daily use of the PROin making the transfer significantly more pleasant than past technology transfers.

The PRO is very easy to use, ergonomically designed, and easy to transport. It is like having my very own personal coach that I can rely upon, 24/7. The breadth and depth of the improvement programs is impressive, as are the results. My work based associates have commented on my ability to better influence and direct activities, and that my demeanor is more relaxed and focused. I leave work feeling more satisfied with my efforts, and looking forward to the next day’s challenges. The weekly time commitment for the programs averages about 17 minutes a day using the PRO five times a week, but I’ve found 24 minutes helps to accelerate the process. The number of individual processes within a given program is typically thirteen; I began listening to one program process each week until I had heard them all. Now I have my list of favorites, which I continue to repeat. I don’t use the PRO as much as I did initially, but find it very useful to use it regularly to reduce stress or to help reinforce my motivation toward reaching a particular goal.

– Don Hooper

Stop Smoking!

Wow all I did was make a call to you asking for help quitting smoking and the next day, the computer chip was at my front door in the hand of the FedEx delivery guy! You are like a fairy godmother! Your support of me quitting smoking by getting me what I needed right then and there made me feel very grateful and loved. Thank you so much, Dale. I was having such a hard time. I do feel a little lonely and alone with this addiction, and I appreciate you being there for me to help! I’m now a NONSMOKER!

Please allow me to help you when you can think of what I ca do for you. I want a turn! I hope that all is going GREAT with you- sounded like it when we talked! I like this phrase “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keeping getting what you’re getting.” Sounds like that’s your life!

– Lynn Knee

Pleasantly Surprised!

I am writing you to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by the Quality Sleep Device. The LED lights definitely have a calming, tranquil effect and the audio programs, my favorite in particular being the Affirming Self, are inspiring. I found that I was quickly taken away from the hectic hustle & bustle of every day life in just a few minutes of using the device. I recommend it to everyone now. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it out!

~Taryn Holley, Front Desk Agent, Hilton Santa Clara